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Presbyterian SeniorCare Home Health can provide the care and services you need when your physician prescribes home health services.  We are a Medicare-certified Home Health Agency.  We accept Medicare and other insurances.

Presbyterian SeniorCare  Home Health offers an array of nursing and rehabilitative services that may be covered by Medicare or insurances.  Skilled nursing services are offered by experienced and compassionate RNs and LPNs.  Services offered by physical, occupational and speech therapists allow your rehabilitative needs to be met.  We also offer experienced, compassionate and credentialed social workers to help you through those difficult and challenging times.

In addition, we offer home health services that are not covered by your insurance; however, you select and decide on these services that will help you meet your wellness goals.   We offer medication set-up services, explain the medications you are prescribed and offer education on how to take them safety and consistently.  We administer medications and injections for those times that you may be challenged in self-administration.  We also offer nurse wellness visits that allow you to keep your health care needs in check.  These wellness visits range from checking your blood pressure, pulse rate and blood oxygen levels to having our caring Registered Nurse coordinate care services directly with your physician.  Our wellness nurse can attend appointments with you and provide guidance and support to ensure your wellness and care needs remain on track.

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